Corken’s Coro-Flo® Regenerative Turbine Pump

Corken’s Coro-Flo® Regenerative Turbine Pump


Coro-Flo® LPG Turbine Pumps

Corken’s Coro-Flo® regenerative turbine pump has a strong reputation for being a long lasting pump. The free-floating impeller minimizes wear and delivers years of trouble-free service. The Coro-Flo turbine pump is continuous duty and an excellent choice for low flows and moderate to high differential pressures. The liquid is circulated between the teeth of an impeller as it rotates between the pump casing and head.  Since the impeller is free floating, there’s no metal-to-metal contact so the pump is virtually maintenance free. Corken offer several models of regenerative turbine pumps with a wide range of differential pressures and capacities.

Suitable for LPG (propane & butane), agricultural ammonia, and numerous other liquefied gases.  (C-models are for LPG use only)